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  • Once you join you will have the opportunity to review and pledge any amount to any project you like. If the project gets funded, your credit card will be charged to the amount of your pledge.
  • It’s that simple. Be happy, you’re doing some good for this world. How can I become a Giver? Read more here.How can I become a Giver? Read more here.


  • Sign up and submit your project. Don’t forget the include the charity you’ll be supporting. WeGiveWeGrow.com uses "all-or-nothing" funding, meaning start-ups only receive funding if their fundraising goals are met. There is no limit to how much money can be raised; however, if goals are not met, no backers are charged.How can I become a Grower? Read more here.

The concept.

WeGiveWeGrow.com is about the crowd and that’s what crowd funding should be about. We are different in that we require any entrepreneurs to make a double bottom line commitment if the raise funding here. The hope is that we can launch a significant number of companies over time and create perpetual funds that give back to the crowd, by giving to those in need. We are making the pledge ourselves. Once WeGiveWeGrow.com begins to make money we intend to give 10% of our profits to charity on an annual basis!

Characteristics of Charitablism:

  • Companies raise money through crowd funding, removing the burden of making large debt payments or equity distributions.
  • They use that flexibility to build viable companies, create jobs and build wealth through capitalistic ventures
  • Recognize the employee as the most important asset in the organization
  • Keep executive salaries reasonable
  • Operate transparently via open accounting etc.
  • When achieving profitability, commit a material portion of profit to a charity perpetually.

Why be a member?

If you want to see the world become a better place and you can pledge a few spare dollars to projects you like, then you can help change the paradigm of business. They say 1% of the wealthiest people control the world. We are about to change that. In fact, if we can just get 1% of the social media users to pledge as little as a dollar a month towards charitablistic projects, over 10 million dollars to be applied towards projects WE choose every month. We only ask that the startups try to make the world a better place.

Why pitch your project here?

WeGiveWeGrow.com wants you to control the equity of your dreams. By substituting small donations for large equity partners you have the chance to give back. We have active members who want you to succeed, asking only that you improve the world in some form or fashion. At minimum, you must pledge to give away some portion of profits to charity.

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