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What does WeGiveWeGrow do?

WeGiveWeGrow is a unique crowdfunding platform where people who want to raise money for entrepreneurial pursuits make a commitment to donate some of their profits to charity. We like to call it “Charitablism”.

Who uses WeGiveWeGrow?

People who want to get involved in growing our economy and improving the standard of living all over the world. Some simply give a small amount of money to support the ideas they like. Some pitch their dreams in the hopes of funding their plans.

What kind of projects do you allow on your site?

Primarily we are looking for start-ups or young companies that need capital and are willing to give a percentage of their profits to a specific charity in exchange for money gifted to them via WeGiveWeGrow.com. However, we are open to any campaign that has altruistic goal of some sort.

Can I pledge more than a dollar each month?

Yes. We have three different options for getting involved all based on a monthly amount. The spirit of crowdfunding is one of many people gifting small amounts. It’s our hope to get a tremendous amount of people to pledge as little as dollar each month, thereby spreading the risk of startups so thinly that it no longer becomes risk.

What is a Reward?

Rewards are an option that you can offer people who pledge higher amounts to your project. For example, you're creating a new type of widget. If someone gives you $25, you will send them a widget once your company produces it. You can specify how much it would take to receive one of your rewards. Remember, you are responsible for providing the rewards to those people. WegiveWegrow will provide you with the list on names that pledged that level that you specified.

Can I give directly to Charity?

Not at this time. Although, we will have many projects which will offer the opportunity to help in a variety of ways. Again, our hope is that we launch hundreds of companies over time and that they make a pledge to give a specific portion of their profits to charity. That’s how we make a long and steady difference. However, as WeGiveWeGrow.com moves forward, we’d like to offer our members multiple ways to make a difference.

What if a project I pledge doesn’t get funded?

Your credit card simply will not be charged for the amount of your pledge.

Will my personal information ever by shared?

No. We will not sell or give your information to anyone. However, your credit card info will be used with our 3rd party processor (Authorize.net) to fund your account.

How will my credit card be charged?

If you decide to become a Giver, your card will be charged when you choose the level of your pledge amount. It won’t get charged again until your anniversary date, unless you back a project for more money than you have in your account balance and the project gets fully funded.

Do you allow all projects to go through?

No. We will be reviewing project before they go live. Not all projects will fit the profile of what we hope to do at WeGiveWeGrow.

Can we really “change the world”?

We can pool together large amounts of money to stir up the economy. Provide jobs. Strengthen our future. At the same time we create an ongoing pool of charitable dollars. The old "teach a man to fish" theory. We still need to feed the hungry today. But, let's also make sure there's going to be fish, water, education and healthcare for every day after. Consider the numbers. If just 1% of social media users pledges and average of $1 per month, over $10 million dollars a month will go toward launching new philanthropic minded companies!

How much does WeGiveWeGrow cost?

It’ is free to join and check it out. WeGiveWeGrow.com takes 5% of any money raised by fully funded projects and 3% to pay for bank credit card fees.

Can I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account at any time. Contact info@wegivewegrow.com to cancel your account or campaign.

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